Funding Projects and Ideas

Pooling resources into righteous orgs that actually fund community projects and initiatives to bolster the progress of our people is imperative.

Producing and Selling cars and other major consumer goods on the global marketplace should be our FOCUS.  This hybrid car, made in Africa has our attention.  Imagine the strength of this org with 1 million members!


With ZERO  African American car makers in existence, investing in this African company might be a good bet.  The right resources and marketing will enable us to compete on the global marketplace.  African Americans are in the BEST position to invest and thrive in Africa!  Together, we can change the world by changing the way we are viewed.
It is past time to for African people throughout the world to rise to their true potential!  A car that runs and RECHARGES ITSELF while running is exactly what I envisioned when I saw the first American electric car, which needed to be plugged in overnight to get a few hours of driving!  Leave it to the African mind and we will develop WORLD solutions, AS WE ALREADY DO, YET DO NOT REAP THE BENEFITS.
The Department of Africa is created to FUND projects such as this, which will create jobs, and generate revenues which will energize the African economy.  African people’s ability to create from little resources will be increased significantly WITH the resources that the Department of Africa will provide.
Please Join us in our effort to revitalize our people with a Lifetime membership!  If you can not afford to do that at this time, then a General membership will suffice!  If you can not do that, then PLEASE Volunteer!

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  1. Please Join the Department of Africa as we endeavor to locate and identify abandoned homes to place homeless men. Of course these men must be productive and able to maintain a home. They are homeless because of credit limitations and exploitations. Homelessness is a major contributor to the disconnect people feel for their governments, their leaders, and even their families.

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