The Department of Africa needs your help

Some of us have a born need to help others.

Maybe we keep coming back…

There is no evidence to believe that the mind ceases with death, other than an experience I had when I apparently dehydrated myself.  As I walked to get some water, I blacked out.  I remember seizing up and for a second, I had total peace, rest, and darkness.

Then I was back!

My eyes opened to discover my glasses still on my face, as I lay stretched out on the floor.  My body was in line with the metal corner of a treadmill.  I was lying on my hands, which had both curled up under me.  Then I noticed the blood.  It was my head.  I split my head.  How serious was it?  I got up and went to the sink.

Wow, my head is split! It was serious, yet could have been much worse.  I exited the body at a time when it was perfect for me to fall in a way that did not break anything (thank GOD), but it did leave a mark for me to remember.  I don’t know if the darkness, peace, and silence would have continued or if I would have come back in another baby…

Is there a reason not to believe reincarnation is a reality?  I had to have been here before and I realize that my being here now, looking like any number of people who have been exploited, abused, and rejected, has to be for a reason other than my parents made me!

Trust me, there aren’t enough access orgs.

I know I echo many of the sentiments of others who look like me, so I must ask, how many? How many are willing to overcome the self-defeating programming that has kept people who look like us in poverty and ignorance?  I know that there are a number of brothers and sisters trying to fund ideas to help preserve those who look like us from annihilation and this is yet another.

The Department of Africa is created to be a funding source for those grassroots and other initiatives. Irrespective of the efforts of other organizations.  The Department of Africa is asking for your help to empower it. It’s a stretch for many of us I know, as times are tight.  I am fully aware of what happened to us and what is happening today.

The Department of Africa hopes that you can afford a few dollars to help fund its initiatives .  This request is to Africans and Americans of African descent.  If you are of another persuasion and wish to assist with your dollars, you too will be appreciated!

With research as a specialty and writing as a hobby.

What is the Department of Africa?  It is a concept, of course, created as a tool of access for Africans and Americans of African and Indigenous descent to services and programs that may be inaccessible for any number of reasons.

We recognize our citizenship in this country, and we acknowledge our and our ancestor’s contributions to America, and the World.  We seek to build upon all that our ancestors have shown us in science and technology.

Surely it is known by now, that we are all we have, and we have what we need to accomplish what we will!  We as a people, only need to redirect our spending and giving.

In the Spirit of Ubuntu, the Department of Africa exists.  It is a 501(c 4 Social Welfare Org with Political Component.  Ordinarily, your contributions are non-deductible for Political Organizations, however, the Department of Africa will only engage primarily in 501(c3 activities. Your contributions, for 2016 should be deductible.

There are several programs for which the Department of Africa will be an access point for. We’ve identified a number of services to be provided for homeless, low-income, indigenous and immigrants.  They, however, require fees to be paid to the gov’t agencies  in order for access.  We need your help with a gift you can afford.

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