A conscious decision to redirect all the money associated with the wants and needs OF our people TO our people will change things.

Share your wealth with your own people first, supporting them in every way.

We need multiple sources in the family to fall back on if need be. Don’t just “plant a seed”, cultivate it to successful growth!  If only our people could think about the money they’ve spent wishing on lotteries, or buying stuff they didn’t need… just wanted.

Consider the money spent on entertainment, or trying to look like the oppressors.  I say “oppressors”, because if they did not oppress people for being their natural selves through discrimination and prejudice, people wouldn’t think about trying to look like them, let alone spend their money up doing it.

A focus of supplying all of our needs through our people would require great strength and courage through self-discipline.  It would require a discipline that is completely foreign to most.  It would require the love of self and self-kind that has almost become an old cliché.

The love of one’s country in America is displayed through Sports, Music, Movies, Books, and many other forms of “media“.  It is not displayed, however, in the actions of its citizens toward one another outside of Entertainment.

Entertainment is a fictitious world and many people live their lives in it.  That is what takes away the reality and urgency of the here and now.  That is why the necessary self-discipline required, is actually foreign to those people who live their lives in Entertainment.

It is also easier to wish and hope than to put MONEY towards something POSITIVE!  Be part of the solution.  Support the Department of Africa today!

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