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Poverty Is The Problem

Department of Africa Objectives

“Eliminating Poverty through Membership”

Poverty causes people to engage in various types of negative behavior as a means of survival. The Department of Africa will address these issues by providing funding to individuals and companies engaged in initiatives for the progress and development of African people worldwide.  

With your support of a little over a dollar a day, we can fund projects such as the construction and management of water treatment facilities and power grids.  We could finance building construction, refrigeration, and air conditioning.  

Of course, we are interested in the development of highly marketable products for export and more!  We will train Americans of African descent and send them to Africa to help build and manage these projects!

As we all know, poverty is the root cause of most of the conflicts and a threat to sustainable development. The Department of Africa is created to complement and assist African Governments in their efforts towards the attainment of economic development and independence.  

Through increased partnerships and cooperation between Africa and Americans of African descent, we will succeed.

The Department of Africa is a non-profit US based organization with political activism as a component.

The Department of Africa is a Social Welfare Organization focused on eliminating poverty throughout the diaspora! Through Membership, we can foster the development of tourist attractions, facilities, and housing.  Raising the value of what the African people produce for sale and export will solve many problems.  

In short, the Department of Africa wants to play an essential role in the economic growth of Africa!  Some of the Department of Africa’s objectives are:

  1. To generate income through tourism and to help bolster the economy through trade and increasing values.
  2. To create jobs through the development of tourist facilities.
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Communities
  1. To raise the standard of living through

If you can see the possibilities, please join us!  Together, we can expedite the progress of growth and development and rise from poverty to wealth!

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  1. It is imperative that Africans and Americans of African descent unite and form business partnerships to tap and possible secure the spending of Americans of African descent…

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